• Minimize system downtime risks
  • Periodically optimize the system, ensuring optimal performance
  • Ensure the system meets the highest availability


  • Engineers will provide reviews, solution suggestions and 24/7 support
  • Focus on availability and periodically optimize your system to ensure it works most effectively.
  • Packaged service with fixed range and price

Provide customers with professional services, with clearly defined work scopes. Let advanced support services help customers make the most of their investment for the most effective night out for systems serving important production and business.


Advanced support service will support all Oracle technology solutions that customers are using. These services can drive the investment value of a customer’s entire technology life cycle:

  • 24/7 technical support service is designed to ensure the highest availability of customer systems.
  • Service Optimization is designed to help customers achieve and maintain optimal system performance during production and business.


  • 24/7 technical support: help the system operate safely and stably, to meet the production and business requirements of customers.
  • Supports system optimization: BNH’s experts use proven methods and advanced diagnostic tools to determine the status of the system and detect potential risks. Based on their rich experience, they provide solutions to improve system performance and reduce the risks encountered.

Support for system installation according to Oracle standards

Standard installation and configuration services will ensure a quick and efficient deployment after the system is running in production, avoiding errors and the risk of system downtime.

  • Set the OS parameters and optimize storage organization according to the company’s recommendations when installing the database.
  • System settings, including critical fixes, updates and popular updates such as Critical Patch Update (CPU) and memory
  • Tested to confirm planned installation

Support to install alarm monitoring system

Service of installing and configuring the system to monitor system alerts to help system administrators scatter system administration tasks:

  • Timely warning information on the operating status of the system is sent to the system administrators as soon as there is a warning or problem to promptly handle it.
  • The monitoring system will allow administrators to actively set alarm thresholds to handle before problems can occur.

Support for troubleshooting database errors

The service provider’s senior technician performs remote support or is on-site within 01 hour of requesting support from the Customer. Troubleshooting for databases needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Database incident response should comply with the service response time request
  • Having a reasonable database backup policy to minimize data loss in the event of a breakdown
  • Respond quickly in response request time to minimize database disruption time
  • Select the best solution and perform database recovery to minimize the possibility of loss of important data

Periodically evaluate the system quality and optimize the system

Periodically check the system, collect data on the operational status of the database:

  • The status of CPU resource exploitation: CPU used by the system, the user’s program, CPU is waiting for I / O, CPU is idle …
  • Information on metrics for efficient use of database instances: Buffer hit, buffer nowait, library hit, redo nowait, latch hit …
  • Information about the system’s most time consuming events
  • Information about SQL statements consuming the most resources in terms of CPU time, most disk readings, and memory usage
  • The backup status of the databases and the availability of the backup
  • Database’s notable errors

The narrators will evaluate and make conclusions and recommendations

  • Explain the causes, how to fix and prevent the problem, and measures to avoid a similar situation
  • Offer solutions to increase the performance of the database, especially to reduce response times to major database transactions.

Oracle security assessment and recommendation

Comprehensive database security assessment designed to identify and address security vulnerabilities at the database level:

  • Identify decentralization risks
  • Vulnerability patches are not periodically updated
  • Risk of loss of sensitive customer data

Evaluate and install the oracle patches

Comprehensive system testing, risk analysis and system diagnostics are not being updated with the latest patch. This service is designed to protect the stability and reliability of the Oracle system:

  • Risk analysis focuses on operability, configuration, stability and system performance
  • Collects current system patch information and records errors and warnings that appear
  • High-level analysis to identify problems
  • Performing patch updates to ensure the safety and stability of the system.

Evaluate and recommend system availability

Comprehensive analysis of the current system model related to the need to ensure high system availability. Guide and advise the optimal model to meet the production and business requirements of customers.

  • Evaluate the current system model
  • Report and recommendations made to solve problems facing the system.
  • Meet the high availability requirements for your systems.

Evaluate and optimize the backup and restore process

Analyze current system backup status and propose optimal solutions to protect database against risks encountered.

  • Analyze the current system backup status
  • Recommendations for improving performance and making sure the system is recoverable in any possible worst case scenario.

Oracle database migration support

Support for a fast and efficient migration process to migrate Oracle database systems to ensure minimal downtime.

  • Perform system checks and backups before migration
  • Perform a system migration
  • Turn off the database, check the professional functions of the application.
  • Restore the system if a problem arises

Advanced support services will help you accelerate the adoption of Oracle technology-efficient technology, maximize availability and performance, and reduce overall risk to customer systems.

Advanced Support provides tailored services for critical support to your organizations, ensuring effective performance and value for invested Oracle solutions throughout their lifecycle. of the product.

Take advantage of our expertise in your systems today.

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