The nickname “Mayor of Silicon Valley” founded Intel turns 41. Noyce is considered to set the company’s vision and treat employees like family members, rewarding and encouraging work. group. Noyce’s management style is called the “roll up the sleeve” style – which has inspired many successful entrepreneurial success stories in Silicon Valley. He boycotted the company’s favorite cars, private registered parking, private jet, moving towards minimal structure and comfort, where everyone could contribute and no one received the benefits. lavish utility. By denying executive privileges, he is a role model for future generations of Intel CEO

Intel – Robert Norton Noyce
CEO, Intel

During the meeting on startup, CEO Viettel emphasized: “Knowledge that we have used, at a certain point will become an obstacle for us to continue”. To illustrate, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung brings pictures of readers to books. Seeing 10 good books, then read them, and then take them with them. When I met 10 other good books, I also carried it on my shoulder and kept going. When there are 100 copies, the person will not be able to go anymore because it is too heavy. If you don’t discard those books, just keep the spirit to find new ones, the other person won’t be able to go on. “At Viettel, we always find a way to always be zero. From there, I renewed myself to create different things ”.

Viettel – Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng
CEO, Viettel

Once having to pick vegetables for rent to earn money to cover school when his family went bankrupt, Foody CEO Tan Hoang Minh still remembers the pain on 10 fingers every day to work, but he said, it was the fastest way. to earn enough money. With his bloody experience, the owner of the application searching and evaluating dining places considered Yelp of Vietnam said that, do not wait to do something until you are fully equipped, because it can bring valuable practical experience from those who have gone before and from my own experience.

Foody – Tân Hoàng Minh
CEO, Foody
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