Oracle Data Guard Solution

Oracle Data Guard Solution

Reveal Oracle Data Guard

The Oracle Data Guard solution is a system build that includes a master database and one or more backup databases. The primary database, or Primary Database, is a function that continuously sends updates in the form of redo data to standby databases, also known as standby databases. This will ensure the data is always in sync between the databases. Data after the standby database will be updated to the database.In the case of Primary Database problems such as: hardware errors, data Standby Database will assume the role of Primary Standby, the application will be connected to Standby Database. At this point, the Standby Database works just like the Primary Database. Once the Primary Database is restored, it will be swapped.

Benefits of deploying Oracle Data Guard solutions
The backup server allows read-only access to the data while synchronizing with the primary server
Ensure data center safety or remote center in the event of a disaster
Ensure data integrity
Support runs on the Oracle server platform, Exadata.
Unlimited data types, storage systems and DDL and DML operations
Automatically switch roles between the main machine and the backup machine quickly
Boost main server performance by transferring reports to a standby server
Maximize transmission speed with data compression.
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